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What sets us apart from other classes in this space in terms of opportunities to meet other local parents and make new friends?
Do we offer trial classes or introductory sessions?
Messy play - do we include messy play in our classes?
Baby massage class - mummy and me class
How does our curriculum adapt to the specific needs of infants and toddlers, distinguishing our sensory classes from other options available for parents?
Why SensorStory classes benefits ASD
Parent-Child Bonding Classes - mum and baby groups
Are our baby and toddler classes suitable for families who don't follow/don't like Montessori?
How does the Montessori curriculum enhance the learning experience and early development for babies and toddlers in our London-based sensory classes?
What age groups do our Montessori baby and toddler classes cater to, and how is the curriculum tailored to meet the developmental needs of each stage?
Socialisation - what makes our classes stand out in creating a positive peer interaction environment for babies and toddlers, distinguishing them from other offerings in the pre-school education sector?
How can parents actively engage with your online resources to support their child's learning journey between class sessions, and what kind of context is available, offering distinct advantages over other alternatives for families seeking additional support?
What role does music play in your baby and toddler classes, and how does it complement the Montessori philosophy in fostering a love for learning?
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