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Chapter One: Baby Bubble – crafted for ages 0-6mo (Baby Program)

60 minute class 

Our Baby Bubble and Nido classes are fun and nurturing, created for babies from six weeks old to the developmental milestone of walking independently.

SensorStory’s Montessori Baby Program provides children with an enriching learning environment that is full of educational materials that meet their specific developmental needs and interests during the first few months of life with opportunities for learning through movement, exploration, and connection. During the first few months after birth we’re in a magical “Baby Bubble”, and we aim to promote bonding, offer a place for parents to meet others, relax and soak up all the snuggles in this very special time in parent-babys life. This program is designed to be a space of calm, relaxation, includes a baby massage at the end of each class. Each class is offers a baby sensory experience, together we journey through interactive multi-sensory stories, enjoying time to ‘just be’, tranquil sound journeys, connecting with baby and making new friends.

Learning goals for infants focus on movement skills, language development, developmental milestones, fine motor development, social skills, and the joy of every child.

The Baby Program is suitable for children from 6 weeks to independently sitting – around 6 months old. Baby’s may be comfortable staying in this program slightly longer (up to 9 months). Additionally, some baby’s may move up to the infant program from 4 months old. Nobody knows your babe like you do, so we encourage you to decide when you feel as though your little is ready to graduate Chapter One and enter Chapter Two.

Once children complete the Baby Program, they progress to the Infant Program, where they gain a formal introduction to all five areas of the Montessori Curriculum.

Chapter Two: Nido Society – crafted for ages 4mo – 14mo (Infant Program)

60 minute class

Our Baby Bubble and Nido classes are fun and nurturing, crafted for babies from six weeks old to the developmental milestone of walking independently.

SensorStory’s Montessori Infant Program is active, hands-on, and involves learning using all five senses. Children are introduced to the five areas of the Montessori Curriculum, including: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and Culture, and develop competence through repetition and practice. During this wonderful time as your little one moves from rolling to sitting up independently, fun and laughter is the name of the game! Delighting baby’s senses, our super bouncy, extra jingly, delightfully colourful, humongously fun and highly interactive class.

Learning goals focus on developing independence, social skills, confidence, and a solid academic base in preparation for future learning.

SensorStory’s Montessori Infant Program is suitable for children who are sitting independetly, to walking – from 6 months to 14 months. Baby’s may move up to this program early (from 4 months old), and may be comfortable staying in this program slightly longer (up to 18 months and confidently walking).
Includes messy play, dedicated unstructured exploration play and realistic theme times.

Chapter Three: Toddler Fellowship – crafted for ages 12mo-3yrs (Toddler Program)

60 minute class

Our Toddler class offers new opportunities for movement and independence, development of language skills, art, music, sensorial and practical life activities, catering to your toddlers natural curiosity with playthings and activities that are fun and engaging. Allowing freedom in a safe space is crucial to the infant community – however, it is always tempered by two important limits that will be beneficial for a lifetime; respect for others and respect for the environment. Building the child’s self esteem, concentration and self-confidence is the ultimate goal.

SensorStory’s Montessori Toddler Program is hands-on, active and offers children a dynamic learning environment where they are empowered to choose their activity, follow their interests, and progress at their own pace. Within this space, children develop their independence, refine their concentration, and explode into learning as they develop their intelligence and higher-level brain processes, providing rich opportunities for learning that nurture children’s complete development. This fun class often includes messy play.

Montessori practice is typified in the following ways: small and mixed-age classes, a carefully planned, ordered and structured environment providing age- and size-appropriate equipment with free access to Montessori materials, providing a caring and nurturing environment based on mutual respect between adults and children, a particular emphasis on the importance of the teaching and learning of mathematics, languages, cultural studies, art and creativity and less focus on developing the imagination and more on ‘real-world’ activities such as washing or cooking as opposed to role playing.

SensorStory’s Toddler Program is suitable for children who are confidently walking – from 12 months to 36 months (3 years). We recommend little ones not to move up early to this program.

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Did you know we also offer special one-off classes throughout the year? Approved by little one’s & loved by their grown-ups, these special classes are perfect for celebrating national holidays & festivals together, as well as encouraging other special grown-ups in your little one’s life to explore with us!