Who Was Maria Montessori?

Maria Montessori was a visionary Italian physician, educator, and innovator who forever transformed the landscape of early childhood education. Born in 1870, her life's work was dedicated to understanding and nurturing the incredible potential within every child.

We've put together a 'Did You Know' all about the main woman herself; Maria Montessori.

* Maria Montessori, born 31 August 1870, was an Italian doctor & teacher known for her groundbreaking philosophy of education & scientific teaching methods.

* She was a pioneer in early childhood education. Her life's dedication was to understanding and unlocking the potential within every child.

* She became the first female doctor in Italy! And the first female to graduate the University of Rome with a doctorate.

* Since women were not allowed to enter medical school, the universities denied her application. She was only accepted into the University of Rome after the Pope, Leo XIII, later endorsed her.

* During her life, Maria worked with Gandhi in India, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times. Her approach, centered on nurturing peace through education, garnered international recognition.

* Maria's first classroom, the "Casa dei Bambini" (Children's House), was established in a low-income district of Rome in 1907. The results were nothing short of astounding, captivating educators worldwide.

* In 1922, she was selected as a state officer of schools in Italy. Even Alexander Graham Bell started a Montessori school for his grandchildren.

* She had 1 son named Mario Montessori.

* There are over 25,000 Montessori schools in over 115 countries & her books have been translated into over 20 languages.

* Dr. Maria Montessori has appeared on Italian coins & banknotes, as well as stamps issued by the Netherlands, India, Italy, the Maldives, Pakistan & Sri Lanka.

* In a celestial tribute, an asteroid discovered in 1992 was named "1181 Lilith" after Maria Montessori's middle name. It orbits the sun as a silent testament to her enduring impact on education.

What a truly remarkable woman!

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