“The greatness of the human personality begins at the hour of birth.” – Dr. Maria Montessori.Test

This may be your first-time encountering Montessori, or you may have heard of Montessori but not know very much about the philosophy, or know that it can be put into practice for babies from birth – or even that it can be applied at home. Or you may be well versed in all things Montessori.
Whichever angle you have joined us from, first off,
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In our articles below we discuss some of the most important aspects of Montessori Philosophy & it’s education, and offer guidance on how you can bring Montessori into your home, as well as other support you may find useful & fun.
They are all written by our head team at SensorStory – to find out more about who we are visit our article “Our Team” below or click here.


This education or learning that we are always discussing doesn’t just happen in a classroom, & isn’t limited to school age children. Neither is it in the effort to strive to mould our own little Einstein’s. Montessori education for babies & toddlers from birth to 3 years of age is about promoting, supporting & strengthening their natural development to their maximum potential, in a way that is more natural to them & encompasses everything we do & everything that they experience. Montessori is a philosophy & believes that this learning starts from birth. 0-3 years of age is a particularly special time in Montessori – The Montessori method believes that the birth to three-year age group is the most important period of the whole of human development.

“The first hour of education is the hour after birth, from the moment the senses of the newborn child begin to receive impressions from nature, nature educates them” – Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827)

Lastly, while we love (most things) Montessori – see here for the article Why we love Montessori & some things we don’t – there are countless parenting practices & school/educational methods out there to choose from – each as individual as your precious family. We love to promote the Montessori philosophy for many reasons, but fundamentally because it’s what has worked for us as a family. You may choose another path, & that’s absolutely okay! Nobody knows your child & their unique path as well as you do. Understanding & acceptance of others & their choices is of upmost importance, & our #1 piece of advice will always be – if anyone claims their way is the only way or the best way to parent or educate your child, run in the opposite direction! From one parent to another, with love x

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