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The greatness of the human personality begins at the hour of birth – Dr. Maria Montessori

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A Note From Our Founder 🌱

While we love (most things) Montessori, there are countless parenting practices & school/educational methods out there to choose from – each as individual as your precious family.

We love to promote the Montessori philosophy for many reasons, but fundamentally because it’s what has worked for us as a family. You may choose another path, & that’s absolutely okay! We welcome everybody here at SensorStory, where understanding & acceptance of others & their choices is of upmost importance, & our #1 piece of advice will always be: if anyone claims their way is the only way or the best way to parent or educate your child, run in the opposite direction!

From one parent to another,
with love,
Barbra, founder at SensorStory 🌱

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