What Safety Protocols Are In Place For In-person Classes, and How Do You Ensure A Hygienic and Secure Environment For Babies Participating In Sensory Activities?

Clean and Sanitised Environments:

- Our in-person classes adhere to stringent cleanliness standards. Environments and play areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Health Measures:

- We conduct health observations for both staff and participants. Anyone showing signs of illness is asked to stay home to ensure the well-being of all attendees.
- We promote regular hand hygiene for both participants and staff, including encouraging the children to use our hand washing station in our practical life area.

Smaller Class Sizes:

- To facilitate a more focused group with more attention for each child, we maintain smaller class sizes, which also allows for a safer environment during sensory activities.

Equipment Sanitization:

- All sensory materials and equipment are regularly sanitised between classes to minimize any potential transmission of germs during activities.
- We have a green container we place near our baby sensory area where we encourage parents to place any sensory materials that have been well mouthed, as opposed to replacing them back into the classroom. Your teacher will clean any materials in this bucket at various points during class before replacing them back onto their shelves or into their areas.

Compliance with Local Health Guidelines:

- We closely follow local health guidelines and regulations to stay current with best practices, ensuring the highest level of safety for everyone involved.

Our commitment to safety extends beyond the Montessori principles into the physical well-being of each participant. Join us in creating a secure and hygienic environment for your baby's sensory exploration.