Baby Signing

Research suggests that babies who practice sign language actually develop pathways for communication sooner than they otherwise would. While most of us are likely already signing with our baby unconsciously, using real Baby Sign Language - which is a simplified collection of gestures used in British Sign Language - means that your baby’s early signed words can develop into a real language.

Baby Sign Language (BSL) is a wonderful tool to use with your little one, not only can it help them communicate with you when they’re unable - BSL is a powerful tool for pre-verbal babies who simply can’t articulate their needs & feelings - but learning BSL with your tiny also has enormous benefits for you both.

Toddlers & older infants can also benefit greatly from utilising BSL, especially in circumstances where they’re unable to find the right words to communicate their needs & feelings sufficiently - using signs can help reduce frustration & tantrums as it gives them a way of letting us know what they want to say.

While your little one likely won’t begin signing back to you before 8 or 9 months, there are many benefits to introducing it around 6 months, including building your baby’s fine motor skills. Just as we use verbal communication with our babies before they are able to speak, we can sign to them before they are able to sign back. Using verbal language alongside BSL builds a strong communication system.

To learn more about all the benefits, as well as discussion on some of the most common misconceptions, information on the background & research of Baby Sign Language, & an in-depth discussion on why BSL is preferred over other alternatives such as Makaton, check out our Lory the Lemur learns Baby Sign Language book, which can be found on Amazon here.
We delve deeper into the most common questions & provide all the tips you need, alongside 30+ BSL signs, to begin your signing journey with your little one.

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