At What Age Can Infants Enrol In Your Specialised Sensory Classes For Optimal Early Development?

Baby Bubble; Baby Class for Newborns to 14 Months

- Infants can enroll in our specialised Montessori sensory classes right from birth. Our dedicated program for newborns to 14 months, known as Baby Bubble, is crafted to provide a nurturing environment where sensory exploration begins the moment your baby enters the world.

Toddler Society: Toddler class for 14 Months to 3 Years

- As your little one transitions into the toddler stage, our specialised sensory classes continue with Toddler Society. Designed for ages 14 months to 36 months, this program builds on the foundation laid in Baby Bubble, offering age-appropriate activities that align with Montessori principles.

Optimal Early Development through Sensory Engagement

- Enrolling in our sensory classes at such a formative stage supports optimal early development. The carefully curated activities are not only enjoyable but also stimulate key developmental areas, including cognitive, motor, and social skills.

- Our commitment to Montessori principles means that every sensory activity is tailored to the specific needs of each age group. Our Baby Bubble focuses on foundational experiences, while our Toddler Society introduces more complex challenges suited to toddlers' growing capabilities..

- By enrolling your infant in our specialised sensory classes, you are setting the stage for a lifelong love for learning. The Montessori philosophy underpins our approach, emphasising curiosity, independence, and the joy of discovery.

Baby Bubble and Toddler Society are not just classes; they are immersive experiences that define SensorStory. These programs represent our commitment to providing a holistic Montessori environemnt for babies and toddlers, fostering growth, curiosity, a positive association with learning and community. .

To enrol your infant in our specialized Montessori sensory classes, and embark on a journey where every bubble and every step contributes to the optimal early development of your little one follow this link follow this link..