Messy sensory play

Our little ones are constantly exploring the world around them. They have become little scientists, using their entire body to do research.
Messy play is one of the best ways they can explore their environment – sensory associations, strong cognitive skills & fine/gross motor skills are built through tactile play as well as many other untold benefits, & while messy, is super healthy for your baby! Being messy is part of the fun & freedom of sensory play.

Some little ones aren’t as keen to get messy – instead of fingers or hands, try offering them a spoon or toy which can help. If your little one does get themselves messy, try to give them plenty of time to explore & complete their work, before stepping in to wipe them up. Nothing can take away a child’s interest & focus in exploring these senses faster than being constantly cleaned up. You can also ensure there is a clean cloth on hand for your little one to pick up themselves.

Finger paint ingredients

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