Black & white – & newborns

As a newborn, things really are as black & white as they seem.
At birth, vision is their least developed sense, (which will also develop faster than any other over the next few weeks & months!), their eyes may be slightly crossed, they will be able to see best in black & white, be able to focus best 20 – 35cms away & up until around eight weeks old your little one’s eyes may find it difficult to track a moving object (your baby will likely track a moving object that slowly moves from one side to the other sometime between 2 & 3 months).

Research shows us that looking at high-contrast black & white images builds rich neural networks in your newborn’s brain, stimulating the development of the optic nerves & encouraging their cognitive development without over-stimulating them. Visual sensory play with black & white images is also a great way for extending that all important tummy-time – it can be surprising just how long your little one will stare at a black & white image & just how excited they can seem to get!

At around 5 – 6 months, your baby’s vision has developed immensely (but it’s not finished improving yet!). Your little one is starting to be able to see in three dimensions, perceiving if something is closer or farther away, as well as being able to see colours more clearly.

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