Baby massage

Designed to ignite and promote those freshly woken senses and help baby uncurl and release trapped energy. A quieter and calmer environment, sessions focus on bonding and building confidence, tranquile sounds, connecting with your baby and making new friends (a great opportunity to make new connections with other parents in your local community, forging friendships for life), while still basking in that newly aquired magical baby bubble. Learn Baby massage: Known for its powerful ability to deeply connect with baby, massage supports your baby’s digestive system relieving colic, boosting the immune system and aiding deeper and longer sleep. Help stretch out from the womb position: After all that time in the womb, it’s important for new babies to stretch out of the fetal position and use their muscles in new ways. Offering a variety of positions throughout the day can help your baby avoid flat spots on their head, help their brain start to understand where their body is positioned in space, and build strength. Allowing your newborn to be enriched with baby sensory experiences that are not overstimulating.

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Did you know? 

Our hotly anticipated new book – Lory the Lemur learns Baby Massage, which is due for release in Spring 2023 & written by our co-founder Rawley exclusively for SensorStory, delves deeper into all the benefits of Baby Massage, discusses some of the background & research, as well as looks at the cultural differences of the approach to Baby Massage around the world. Exact release date is yet to be announced, however our Lory the Lemur learns Baby Massage book will be available early Spring 2023 at amazon.com/author/sensorstory

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