Absorbent mind

absorbent mind is like a sponge

The absorbent mind is described in Montessori as a state of mind that children from birth to 6 years old hold – a period of time also called the First Plane of Development, & allows them to learn effortlessly & easily – & from birth to the age of three allows them to learn unconsciously. They experience a period of intense mental activity that allows them to absorb their immediate environment that they can see around them, they take in all that they can hear, they touch & taste everything they want to investigate, & then when they’re ready, they repeat what they have taken in, without conscious effort – naturally & spontaneously.

“He absorbs the life going on about him, and becomes one with it” – Dr. Maria Montessori

We can facilitate this by modelling the behaviours we want our little one to absorb, surrounding them with beauty & nature, speaking to them using rich language & giving them rich experiences, such as SensorStory Baby classes, knowing that right from birth, they’re absorbing all of this.

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