A place for everything & everything in it’s place

A well-known phrase in Montessori – a place for everything & everything in its place. When we have a place for everything, then everything is in its place & easy to find, reducing frustration (for everyone). Have you ever walked into your local supermarket to do a peaceful shop, & find that they have moved all their shelves around in all different places around the shop & nothing is where it used to be –suddenly it becomes not such a peaceful shop after all!

Having a place for everything also helps to build advanced neural pathways for our tiny, for example, a hook for a cloth to wipe spills, a place for storing shoes, a place to sit while reading, a shelf for toothbrush & toothpaste, where attractiveness & functionality meet.

Parents can be surprised to hear that when you help your little one tune into patterns in their environment, this also helps them think in more advanced ways. When they learn about order & can recognize patterns in their space, they build more advanced thought processes such as reasoning, judgment, & anticipation. Our little ones thrive on routine & patterns, & find comfort & a sense of understanding when this is offered to them.

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